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It’s almost 2016 and with the over-saturation of apps, creating a completely new idea in this market can seem tough. From apps that allow you to have a home control panel on your iPhone to apps giving you the ability to set a chain of location-based rules to improve the efficacy of social media platforms for your company, the options seem endless.

Many of these apps make life easier for us, allow for us to communicate with people located nearly anywhere in the world, allow interpersonal desires to be projected in (for the most part) socially acceptable ways, and help us efficiently capture life’s most exciting moments so we can, ideally, enjoy living life to the fullest — not always the case. Few apps out there allow you to learn about a loved one. Even fewer apps out there are focused on building one of the most important relationships many people will have with another person. This is where Happy Couple App steps in.

This week’s episode of TheHumanBluPrint Radio explores the Happy Couple App that Dr. Barbach and her team created. The Happy Couple App allows two people to explore their relationship by way of short daily quizzes that cover topics including: sex, responsibility, information, emotion, recreation and communication. Listen to Marc and Dr. Barbach discuss the app, it’s 1000+ questions, Marc’s experience with it since late September 2015 and what it means to use technology to maintain the connection amongst loved ones that many people believe we are losing.

  • 00:30 – Introduction to Dr. Barbach
  • 01:34 – HumanBlu’s Introduction to the Happy Couple App
  • 02:28 – Dr. Barbach’s Background
  • 04:40 – Consciousness Raising and 10 Step Masturbation Program
  • 06:37 – Books Written by Dr. Barbach
  • 09:00 – Relationship Issues Seen by Dr. Barbach
  • 09:45 – Happy Couple App
  • 19:50 – The Heart of a Relationship
  • 27:30 – Valentines Day Release
  • 30:30 – Research Dr. Barbach Wants to See

“Dr. Lonnie Barbach has been a couple’s therapist for work as a couple’s therapist for more than three decades and the publication of Going the Distance: Finding and Keeping Lifelong Love crafted with David Geisinger, Ph.D., her partner of 25 years, has defined her as an acknowledged expert on intimate relationships.  Her vast experience with the subject matter as well as her natural communication skills have made Dr. Barbach a much sought after therapist, speaker and media personality. She is skilled in a variety of treatment modalities in treatingindividuals and couples with problems ranging from anxiety and depression to parenting and communication issues.

As one of the first co-directors of clinical training at the University of California San Francisco, Human Sexuality Program, Dr. Barbach created the women’s preorgasmic group treatment program.  Considered a pioneer in her field, her dozen books, translated into an equal number of languages, have sold over 4 million copies in the U.S. alone.  She is a life member of the American Psychological Association and is currently Directory of Content for Happy Couple, a quiz-style game that takes you from dating to building a healthy and sustainable relationship.” (www.lonniebarbach.com)

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