6: Cricket Power - Exoprotein

This week on TheHumanBluPrint Radio, Anthony and Marc interview Gabi Lewis, Co-CEO of ExoProtein. ExoProtein is a cricket flour-based energy bar company providing environmentally friendly and nutritious products.

Have you come across anyone indulging in a cricket (or insect) based nutrient bar yet? Ever wonder why?

Gabi explains what motivated him to start a nurtient bar company using crickets as the main source of protein. Gabi talks about the cricket-protein movement along with the latest research showing how expensive and inefficient more traditional sources of protein are to our health and environment. He discusses the hurdles that exist in marketing cricket products, what the future of ExoProtein looks like and more!

For Marc’s product review of ExoProtein, visit this page.

For even more on them, check out their article in the New York Post

*TheHumanBluPrint is not affiliated with ExoProtein.