29: Optimizing Emotional Intelligence

This episode features Rachel Goodman of 6Seconds.org. As per their website, 6Seconds is a nonprofit organization researching what works in Emotional Intelligence and sharing best practices via methods & tools that are Global, Scientific, Transformational. 6Seconds teaches the skills of emotional intelligence to fill the "missing link" needed for people to become more aware, intentional, and purposeful so individuals, teams, organizations, families, schools and communities flourish.

Our interest in Emotional Intelligence comes from the unfortunate reality that it is common for children to not be taught emotional hygiene growing up leading to people (some of the most successful out there) resorting to complex methods of burying a range of personal emotions and failing to empathize with others' emotions.

6Seconds presents solid tools to optimize emotional intelligence as you will learn from the conversation with Rachel Goodman.

Episode Timestamps:

00:15- Intro

01: 20- 6seconds.org

02:24- Emotional Intelligence

04:00-Social Emotional Learning

05:30- 6seconds Test

09:20-Brain Profiles

11:40- Interpretation of Assessments

14:20- The Negatives of being too Self Aware

15:10 Emotional literacy

16:00- Know yourself

16:30- Choose yourself

17:00- Intrinsic Motivation

17:50-Exercising Optimism

18:20- Give Yourself

18:45- Pursuing Noble Goals

20:50- What to do with the information?

22:30- What the Research is Showing

24:30- Apps for Phones

26:30- Emotional Intelligence Quantifiable

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