28: Cryonics: Alcor Life Extension

Today on TheHumanBluPrint Radio we're talking about what happens to the human body when a person dies and what technologies exist or are expected to exist in the near future to bring individuals back to life. Join us commercial free as we talk to Dr. Max Moore, President and CEO of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, an organization whose mission is focused on the preservation of individual lives; the ultimate longevity hack.

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What is Cryonics?

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Episodes Timestamps:

00:45- Background of ALCOR

02:10- How close are we now?

04:00- How does one get involved?

06:50- Overpopulation

10:26- Can be preserved all around the World

11:30- How many are preserved now vs how many arranged

13:20- What would happen if company goes out of business?

14:50- Side Effects of cryopreservation

16:00- Being Revived

18:30- Societal Changes

21:22- Antiaging Practices of Dr. Max Moore

24:25- Telomeres

28:40- Can your family visit?

30:00- Freezing your body vs. just your head

31:45-Head transplant

32:45-Become a member

35:30- Cryonics research

39:20- First person Cryopreserved

41:50- Walt Disney: Cryopreserved?

42:30- Power outtage concerns?

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