27: John Basedow: 2016

Today on TheHumanBluPrint, we talk to John BasedowJohn has achieved international recognition and created a media empire with Fitness Made Simple, which includes DVDs, CDs, supplements, and infomercials all aimed at raising awareness about the importance of making fitness a part of your life. From starting out in his parent's basement to being seen on television sets across the country and deemed a “pop culture icon,” John's journey is a true rags to riches story. He's been featured on numerous TV and radio shows as well as in print media including the Los Angeles Times, the National Examiner, and the New York Times. John has appeared as a model in or has written articles for just about every major exercise magazine. He's a regular guest on radio programs across the United States and is the star of a reality series, “John Basedow TV,”

For this episode, we just hit record, Anthony read a little intro about John and John just took it from there. We really wanted to hear and share what John's perspective of the health and fitness world is now after all he's been through. Enjoy!

Time Stamps:

01:40 - John's Background

03:10 - Fitness Made Simple

10:55 - Psychological Barriers/Tricks for Fitness

16:30 - Foodgasm

17:30 - Changing Body Composition/The best you can

19:15 - Secret to John's Abs

22:00 - John's New Ab exercise

24:30 - New Fitness Tool

25:30 - Fitness Trends for Abs

29:00 - Burn Fat while Sleeping

31:00 -Fasted Morning Cardio/Vacuum Packed Abs

33:00 -John's opinion on Supplements

37:15 - Urban Dictionary

39:00 - Fitness Lifestyle and what it does

43:30 - Thailand Tsunami

46:25 - Social Media/Guest Speaking

51:00 - What would John tell his younger self

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