25: Optimizing Sleep - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

On TheHumanBluPrint Radio today we speak to Michael Lares, CEO of the Delta Sleeper Sr1 Device. We came across the SR1 device while searching for ways to improve sleep quality. Our conversation with Mike covers a wide range of topics within the realms of sleep and is sure to expand your knowledge of how gadgets can help you fall asleep quicker and deeper.

Time Stamps:

0:20 Intro

0:42 Off the grid

2:30 Michael's background

6:00 PEMF

7:20 Restorative Sleep

15:00 How does the Sr1 device work

20:00 Frequency of Device

21:25 Michael's Sleep regimen

28:45 Using device without sleep issues

30:20 Napping with the device

36:15 How long to see a benefit?

40:00 Anxiety

43:10 Fibromyalgia

45:00 Heart Rate Variability

53:00 TheHumanBluPrint Think Tank 

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