24: Quality Nutritional Supplements - Thorne Research

Nutritional supplements tend to carry a bad reputation. After reports that one of the larger chain supplement stores was selling products that barely contained what it claimed, learning about practices that companies are using to increase profit with little to no regard to quality and control, it's understandable when someone questions why I take nutritional supplements. 

This whole concept led us to explore different companies with the hope that someone out there was doing it right. We were hoping to come across that small company that prioritized quality at whatever cost that meant. A company passionate about providing pure and effective products. So far, the closest company we've come to meet our standards is Thorne Research. Several of our friends in the health and wellness community swear by them and for good reason. 

Join Dr. Roxas and Marc (Anthony couldn't make this one) delve into what it takes to make a quality nutritional supplement.

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