23: Muscle Building for Skinny Guys

One for the skinny guys!

Back in late spring of this year I (Marc -- the skinny one of the two) started a strength-training program called Bony to Beastly. I know, the name almost sent me running, but I took a closer look. I found that the three guys behind this program are very similar to Anthony and I in that we self-experiment to get the results we desire. Additionally, one of their cofounders is a strength and athletic performance coach who trained under well known coaches Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson. Their natural approach to nourishment, exercising and recovering smart, and creating an engaging community of likeminded ectomorphs to keep participants focused on the process as opposed to the goal all account to my joining their program. I’ve so far put on 7 to 8 healthy pounds, revamped how I think about the food I eat and just overall have a more productive time working out either at home or the gym. I’ve repeated phases, lost my way due to extended camping trips in the woods and am thinking about what will happen as I continue to increase my cardio as I train for Ironman Lake Placid July of 2017 but I’m not looking to be “swole” or a beast. I’m glad to have learned how to gain more power, lift smarter and eat massive amounts of clean foods without ruining the rest of my day. Give the episode a listen and let us know what you think below!

If you're interested in trying out the program and joining the community, find out more through the link below:

01:49 - Intro

02:47 - Marco's Background

04:47 - Marco's difficulty in the beginning

06:17 - Shane's Background

08:27 - Shane and Kung Fu

10:47 - Jared Background

14:35 - Bony to Beastly Begins

18:27 - Endomorph vs. Ectomorph vs. Mesomorph

20:52 - Responder vs. Non-Responder, What you can do

24:32 - Improve Low Testosterone

26:32 - What Bony to Beastly Tests?

29:22 - TheHumanBluPrint "washes their hands"

30:02 - Marc's Homeostasis

32:07 - Bony to Beastly Fails to build muscle, What majority is doing wrong

34:57 - The importance of putting the program all together

37:12 - Bulking your digestive system

39:02 - Supplements for Hard gainers

44:17 -  Jared gains 8 pounds in a week with this supplement

45:02 - How Marc takes his creatine

48:42 - Anthony's Favorite PUMP Product

52:57 - Supplement Company Bony To Beastly prefers

53:52 - Bony to Beastly progarm

58:17- Marco's Wedding Workout

1:02:42- Bony to Beastly message

Links to certain things discussed in episode:

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Fat Distribution Patterns 

VO2 max

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Vitamin D

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Fish oil

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Vegetarian DHA

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