22: Optimizing Motivation - Ironman Triathlete Whitney Powell

Whitney is another fine example of a health and wellness enthusiast who crossed paths with us and ever since has been such a positive influence to TheHumanBluPrint. As we delved more into her life story, Whitney's life experience and will to accomplish the unthinkable made her a certain candidate for our podcast. Whitney's insight on motivation through her endurance events, world travels and multiple talents is inspirational to those who are seeking to live a healthier and more driven lifestyle. Whitney is a travel and sports host, a model, a sponsored Ironman triathlete, and podcaster. She is also a photographer and film maker who started the company IronWill Productions. Check out the episode to get inspired!


01:30 - Intro

02:47 - Background

06:57 - Whitney's Expeditions

09:12 - Antarctica Marathon

10:57 - Hydration tips

12:42- Most Challenging Iron Man

14:22- Overcoming Mental Challenges and Motivation tips

18:22 - Tokyo Marathon - Guiding a Blind Runner

23:57 - Other Cultures and Health

26:08 - Motivation hacks that work for Whitney

36:10- Iron Will Productions

43:20- Getting a Sponsor

47:00 - Productivity

49:00 - More motivation hacks from Whitney

53:00 - Message to others in Health


Mentioned in this podcast episode:

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Ben Greenfield

Mark Sisson

Matt Fitzgerald

Laird Hamilton

COCO Hydro

Yucan Super Starch

Josh Trent, Wellness Force