20: Biohacker Extraordinaire - Ben Greenfield

Meet Ben Greenfield. Ben is the quintessential superhuman who can churn out information about health and nutrition like no one we have ever met or scoped out. Ben's NY times best selling book, Beyond Training gives the reader an array of different perspectives on how to optimize your health and well being through traditional and non-traditional methods.

Having been following Ben for a number of years now, we always had an itch to explore his upbringing and provide our audience with a taste of a day in the life of Ben. As he shares his ever-evolving morning routine with us, Ben clearly represents the vision of TheHumanBluPrint in regards to spending an immense amount of time and energy to learn about yourself in the most profound way possible to live a fuller and healthier life. 

  • 1:50 - Baby Ben - Ben reflects on his experience being homeschooled
  • 8:00 - Ben's earliest sporting interests
  • 9:15 - Ben shares the two "most geeked out" sports
  • 13:30 - How Ben's "lone wolf" mentality interferes with not being in a leadership role
  • 14:15 - Ben's current morning routine; waking, morning supplements, digestion hack, coffee, core foundation exercises, sauna, varying yoga practices, cold pool, breakfast, etc.
  • 26:50 - Ben's thoughts on his varying workout routine
  • 29:45 - Ben's sauna
  • 32:05 - Ben's current supplements
  • 37:18 - Ben's thoughts on anti-aging supplements/practices
  • 42:20 - How Ben restructures and filters his water
  • 44:35 - Future products from BenGreenfieldFitness.com
  • 45:45 - Ben's up and coming "fight"
  • 46:10 - Ben's Superhuman Encoder Bracelet