19: Exploring Radio Frequency Exposure from Cell Phones

In this episode we discuss radio frequency (RF) and the research that exists regarding whether or not RF exposure from cell phones is or can be detrimental to our health. To delve into this topic, we reached out to scientist Dr. Jerry Phillips from the University of Colorado (Colorado Springs) after reading a Scientific American article citing his research on the topic. Dr. Phillips explains what RF is, what emits RF, what types of research studies have tackled this problem and what  measures he takes to avoid the potentially harmful effects of RF exposure. We also find out why the public will never know what kind of research cellphone companies are doing to limit RF. 0:20 - Introduction (it's an extensive one!)

  • 03:30 - What is RF?
  • 05:05 - Devices that use RF.
  • 06:45 - Intensity and RF.
  • 07:45 - The issue with studying RF with humans.
  • 12:45 - RF and general health.
  • 15:45 - Dr. Phillips's paper and past research.
  • 18:15 - Resistance towards Dr. Phillips's research data.
  • 20:20 - RF's interactions with DNA. 
  • 24:00 - Dr. Phillips's methods to reduce RF.
  • 25:40 - Dr. Phillips friend tumor progression and antenna location
  • 28:00 - Dr. Phillips's thoughts on cell phone cases that reduce RF.
  • 31:28 - Best recommendations to reduce RF.
  • 31:40 - What are cellphone companies doing to reduce RF?
  • 37:40 - Airplane Mode
  • 38:55 - Health implications for males from keeping cell phones in their pockets.
  • 39:55 - What research would Dr. Phillips conduct if he had unlimited funding?

Dr. Phillips's Bio:

Dr. Phillips is the Director of the Excel Science Center and Professor Attendant of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Colorado State University and was then a postdoctoral fellow of the American Cancer Society at the McArdle Cancer Research Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Phillips began his academic career at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He later moved to the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Department of Medicine, Division of Oncology, where he was also Senior Scientist and Director of the Phase I Drug Development Laboratory at the Cancer Therapy and Research Center.Phillips then moved to California, where he was a Research Scientist at the Pettis Memorial VA Hospital in Loma Linda, CA, and Research Professor of Pharmacology at the Loma Linda School of Medicine. He has published over 60 research papers, one of which is the most cited research study in the journal Pathophysiology regarding the adverse effects of exposure to non-ionizing Electromagnetic field (EMF). In addition to his work in academia, Phillips has developed award-winning science curricula under contract to the Office of Science Education and the National Institute for Digestive Disorders and Kidney Diseases at the National Institutes of Health.

In this episode we refer to a couple of products Anthony and I have been playing around with to limit RF exposure; Pong Case and RF Safe Case. We are not affiliated we either of these two companies.

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