12: Blogger - Thriving Mind and Body

This week we have Matt Oliphant, founder of the blog Thriving Mind and Body. Matt is an avid cyclist, golfer, and health enthusiast. He is training to compete in Spartan races this upcoming year. With regard to health and wellness, Matt shares a similar vision to TheHumanBluPrint.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Carb back loading
  • Anti-aging supplements – Coq10 & PQQ
  • Sleep hacks – magnesium, blue light blockers
  • Energy blends
  • Coffee blends
  • Starch use
  • Nootropics

As you may have heard on an earlier podcast with Moe from Lifestyle Apex, we at TheHumanBluPrint like to focus on the next generation of health and wellness enthusiasts. Feel free to comment below if you’re thinking of starting a health and wellness website or have already started one. Both Matt and us are in the very beginning phases of spreading our visions to a larger audience and we’d love to hear about your journey.