11: Optimize Fitness - Gravity Plus Suit

This week Anthony and Marc interview Jim Foster, founder of Gravity Plus Suit.

In this episode, TheHumanBluPrint explores the benefits of the Gravity Plus Suit down to the cellular level. Jim discusses how professional boxer Roy Jones, Jr. uses the Gravity Plus Suit to improve his overall athletic performance.. Jim dives into the history of bodybuilding and how beliefs regarding the most effective ways to build muscle have changed over time. He also discusses how hospitals utilize the Gravity Plus Suit is  for rehabilitation.

The Gravity Plus Suit is a weighted suit that provides resistance throughout your whole body allowing you to train the specific muscles you plan to use in a specific event or sport. The suit takes the idea of building muscle and conditioning to a systemic level.

Marc and Anthony have been in touch with the Gravity Plus Suit team since early 2015. You can read more about Marc’s experience with the suit from their Long Island City session this past summer. Marc’s experience encouraged Anthony to dust off his martial arts skills in the suit. Regardless of the activity that is performed with the suit on, the “superhuman effect” is felt by anyone who wears  the suit and attempts the same activity with the suit off immediately after.