TheHumanBluPrint is a non-run-of-the-mill health and wellness resource that teaches you about yourself in a most profound and rewarding way. I’ve been checking out their work and am glad to have met and collaborated with Marc and Anthony! Their vision and level of commitment to bring you honest and quality information reminds me much of the work I do with Greenfield Fitness Systems. Keep an eye out for these two, they’re doing big things!
— Ben Greenfield, NY Times best selling author and owner of Ben Greenfield Fitness Systems
We met Marc and Anthony because of our shared passion for empowering individuals to take control of their health in a data-driven, personalized and engaging way. Human BluPrint is insightful in their work of how overall wellness connects to various aspects of physical, psychological and spiritual health. I appreciated their relentless pursuit of sharing the best possible foundation for individuals to foster a healthy, self-tailored lifestyle.
— Courtney Pong, WellnessFX
Marc and Anthony put it all together with in-depth information on great topics that increase our awareness of how to stay healthy. Life is about learning and that’s why I tune in to Human BluPrint and turn my friends on to their site. So keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the stars, stay grounded and yet open to the cosmos above and within. And always remember that the teachings of our mushroom friends are just a walk in the woods away.
— Jeff Chilton, Author and President at NAMMEX
Human BluPrint is a fantastic project that we are honored to be supporting. When it comes to health, many people (even “experts”) are very opinionated before exploring and doing any research. We are impressed with the scope of topics that are covered with an honest intention to learn and facilitate education for their followers.
— Amy Jackson and Hannah Hogberg, Cofounders at Health Home Girls
The guys at Human BluPrint are seriously savvy guys! As a competitive athlete that travels and works a lot, I’m always looking for better ways to increase longevity and performance. Not only do they dive deep into research and studies to find awesome new health hacks that most of us don’t read or know about, but they are so passionate about making sure that people like myself have ALL the facts that may help us live and perform better. Oh, did I mention they try all this stuff on themselves before ever recommending it? I truly admire the passion and work they put into helping people see beyond the food pyramid (or plate), diets, and all the standard crap we’re spoon-fed about health. These guys know their stuff and you better believe I’d trust them to help me find healthier solutions to achieve my goals.
— Whitney Powell, Ironman Triathlete, Sports+Travel Host, Filmmaker, Podcaster
I found out about Human BluPrint when Marc interviewed me for Happy Couple. Right from the start, I was taken with Marc’s intelligence, psychological sophistication, yet personal openness - a rare combination in interviewers in my experience. His interview inspired me to take a deeper look at Human BluPrint website and I was thoroughly impressed by the depth, the breadth and the style of the subjects covered in both the articles and the podcasts.
— Dr. Lonnie Barbach, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Cofounder at Happy Couple App