3 Common Productivity Hacks Explained

Why these 3 productivity hacks have the ability to improve your efficiency and overall performance on a daily basis: 

•Adequate Omega 3: Both plant and animal intake coming from nuts, seeds, wild caught fish, raw grass fed dairy and grass fed/wild animals. Also look to boost your choline intake from pastured eggs, especially the yolks. Choline is the precursor to the powerful neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine. Another great form of Choline is called Alpha GPC, which is a common nootropic.

•Sleep - Sleep flushes out any unwanted metabolic waste, which is something that can accumulate overtime. It also produces higher delta brain waves which helps with work performance and getting into that flow state more effectively. Poor sleep = slower delta brain waves = poor performance

•Mindful of Caffeine intake: caffeine can suppress brain activity and boost higher brain frequencies, which is great on days when you are low on sleep. However, too much caffeine on the other hand can suppress these brain frequencies impairing your creativity and abstract thinking. Find the right does that works for you since we all metabloize caffeine at a different rate. Hence why some individuals seem to drink coffee anytime of day and are able to sleep just fine.

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