The Essential Maca Root Guide

In the world of health and wellness, the term “superfood” is used quite often to describe foods that provide exceptional nutritional benefits. Another term gaining speed is “functional food”, which tends to be used by those who don’t jive with saying “superfood”. Regardless of what you call these foods, self-experimenting with them and implementing them into your daily nourishment can reap wonderful benefits. Bee pollen, Reishi mushrooms, chlorella and coconuts are a few examples of functional foods that can take your health to the next level. We at TheHumanBluPrint have been experimenting with some of these functional foods for some time now and must say that most of our attention has been on the Maca root.

As we launched the podcast with Mark Ament from The Maca Team and continued to flip through the latest research on the root, Jenny Travens from reached out to TheHumanBluPrint. Jenny shared made mention of an article she recently published that elaborates on all the claims that are being made about the Maca root. Her article shows how versatile Maca has the potential to be regarding all the claims that are out there.

In Jenny’s article which you can find here: Maca Powder Benefits, Dangers and Side Effects – The Ultimate Guide, she covers:

  • Maca Root History, Origins and Legends
  • Constituents of Maca Extracts
  • Maca Root Pills – Magical
  • Maca as Testosterone Booster
  • Maca For Thyroid Support
  • Maca Benefits For Men and Women – Maca Prevents Skin & Hair Problems
  • Maca For Fertility (Aphrodisiac Abilities)
  • Maca For Endurance & Energy
  • Maca Root Dosage
  • Maca Powder Danger & Side Effects

Jenny Travens

Jenny Travens is the owner of the website where you can find the latest articles, products and information on all your superfood needs.

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