Healthy Home Strategies

There are many things that come to mind when we start talking about healthy living… some people think of broccoli, others think of push-ups, and some think of suffering. The truth is, we can go a lifetime without any of those things. The foundations of health, which are imperative to get right, are actually much easier (i.e. require no self discipline or sacrifice… just becoming educated to make empowered decisions). How long can you go without air? How long can you go without water? These are the basics of health and wellness and oddly enough, they are often overlooked. This article will shed some light on how simple it can be to “get healthier”.

        We strongly advocate that people start paying more attention to the products they bring into their home. We spend 90% of our time indoors, and much of that is in our own residence. This is good news because we can control what happens at home. Pay attention to everything from new furniture, to carpet, to cleaning supplies to scented garbage bags, to laundry detergent to the very water you are drinking and bathing in.

        We specialize in the Healthy Home category with NASA Certified Space Technology that helps people make QUANTUM LEAPS in their health! Yes, you can reduce your volatile organic compound (VOC) and chemical exposure by removing certain products from your home, but a salt lamp and indoor house plants can only do so much. Yes you can purchase alkaline bottled water from the grocery store, but did you know that beyond being very wasteful, this water actually challenges your healthy because it is oxidizing water. You can purchase fragrance free detergent, but even for that pretty penny you are still exposing yourself to toxicity and being a wasteful consumer. The old way of washing clothes contributes to water pollution and there is excessive waste of plastic packaging (seeSaveOneBillionGallons for more details on laundry impact!)

The solutions we provide in these categories are easy to understand:

AIR: Our FreshAir Surround will:

  1. Eliminate offensive or unpleasant odors, from the baconyou cooked for breakfast that you don’t want to smell when you come home from work to pet odors that linger 24/7.  
  2. Drop particulate (dust, dust mites, pollen, smoke, viruses, dander, mold spores etc) from the air 200 times faster than gravity will. This means you get to breath pure air! If you don’t have a purifier, your lungs are a purifier!
  3. Our Certified Space technology is FILTERLESS and can literally send the solution to the pollution. The purifier is proven to kill MRSA, Staph, e.Coli, norovirus, avian flu, black mold and everything else it’s ever been tested against. Whether it is in the air, or on a door knob or the remote control or in the carpet, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is being cleaned around the clock!

WATER: Our LivingWater helps you ditch the chlorine, fluoride and other garbage in the water and gives you options to enhance your health. The World Champion baseball team, The Kansas City Royals, love and use our technology because they know and have experienced that proper hydration unlocks full potential and health. This kitchen countertop unit will:

  1. Give you fresh pH adjusted water to help your body buffer the acidic western diet. Your body will thank you. Acidic body environment will cause your body to steal magnesium and calcium ions from your muscles and bones. Reverse osmosis water is acidic. Gatorade and Vitamin water are acidic. Diet and regular soda are acidic. LivingWater is alkaline for optimized health.
  2. Give you electron rich water that is anti-aging. ALL bottled water and tap water that we have tested are dead….in other words, missing electrons…in other words, oxidizing and aging. Drinking water that has extra electrons is the finest way to contribute to your energy levels. LivingWater is the world’s finest energy drink!
  3. Give your body restructured water for maximum cellular hydration and detox. The answer to weight management can be as simple as drinking the right water. Look into the Nobel Science Prize research on aquaporins to understand the significance of cellular hydration. You can also research ERW (electrolyzed reduced water) on PubMed to see what the actual science is behind LivingWater.

LAUNDRY: Our LaundryPure helps you simplify your chores by:

Eliminating the need for detergent and hot water! Save about $1.25-$1.50 a load with our NASA Space Certified technology that brings powerful cleaning and sanitizing power to your clothes with electrically treated water.

  1. No more toxic chemicals in your clothes and therefore on your skin all day
  2. There are so many ways to create a healthier home. We could literally go room by room and touch on everything from the pots and pans you use in the kitchen, to the type of shower curtain liner you use in the bathroom, to the allergen fest going on in your bed to the neurotoxin “Stachybotrys Chartarum” aka black mold that is lurking in your home.

We love the apps “Skin Deep” by EWG and “Think Dirty” which allow you to scan products to see potentially concerning issues with allergens, chemicals or carcinogenic contents of household and personal care products. Who would have thought that your chronic health issues could be connected to the fact that your tampons are bleached cotton that are full of toxins. Who would have thought that the chlorine in your shower and bath water give you dry itchy skin and give a toxic load to your internal organs to process. Who would have thought that consumers would have to become their own allies to protect themselves, their health, their own best interest? The Healthy Home Girls are here to help you wade through some of the muck and get you on a track to feeling your best. We love empowering people through our technology products made by our manufacturing partner, Vollara (which our uncle is co-owner of). We believe in simple health solutions that anyone can benefit from. While we encourage you to explore all areas of your health and we can be a valuable resource for you in that, we are confident that the easiest and fastest way to make a high impact in your health is through technology.


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