Strength Training for Triathlon

Below I lay out a typical week of exercise as I prepare for a new triathlon season and set myself up to build power towards the end of Spring 2016. 

I don't name weekdays below because my schedule can change week to week, opening and closing times when I could get to the pool, gym, on the bike, or out for a run. 

  • 1 day of fasted high intensity interval training on the indoor trainer (morning). This same day is met with upper body strength training (shoulders/back) at the gym in the evening.
  • 2 days of swimming. 1 of those days followed by a short run on the treadmill
  • 1 day of strength training legs
  • 2 recovery days
  • 1 day when I go for a long bike ride 25-40 miles (indoor trainer)
  • 1 day of rec soccer and morning yoga

I've created two rules for myself. 1) Space two non-recovery days between recovery days at minimum. 2) Complete the list.

While this routine was created by me and I am not a personal trainer, or anyone who is in a position to give professional exercise advice, this is the recipe I came up with for myself to include all the sports I plan to improve on and compete in. In addition, I'm including strength training which often goes overlooked by triathletes, as per Joe Friel's Triathlon Bible. 

As I play around with this routine throughout the year, I hope to eventually seek the guidance of a professional personal trainer to put me on a plan aimed to increase power while maintaining the time needed to practice my three sports.



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