Health Reboot - First Consult: Dr. Ross Pelton

I consulted with physician Dr. Ross Pelton, the Natural Pharmacist, from the WellnessFX network over the phone. I chose him from an array of health and wellness experts offered by WellnessFX based upon his experience and holistic approach. What made the conversation easier was that I didn't have to worry about forgetting anything said during the conversation because it is recorded and available for you through the WellnessFX website.

After explaining my goals, Dr. Pelton went through my numbers, mainly focusing on the biomarkers that were out of range, explaining how I could bring them back to range through holistic measures. Some of those biomarkers include:

Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol - While my numbers were slightly out of range (elevated), Dr. Pelton reassured me that this isn't something to fret over due to the cholesterol myth. LDL cholesterol if often dubbed the "bad cholesterol". Dr. Pelton explained that LDL cholesterol is not ideal if it becomes oxidized, creating deranged molecules that can damage your vascular system and start undesirable build up. Dr. Pelton's Recommendation:  Dr. Pelton suggested I incorporate quality antioxidants to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Bring on the blueberries! 

Apilopoprotein B (Apo B) - Apo B is the protein in LDL cholesterol that helps these proteins bind to and clog blood vessels*. The high end of the optimal range is 80 mg/dL. My results came in at 81 mg/dL. Dr. Pelton recommended I drop my Apo B levels by using Niacin (Vitamin B3) everyday. Due to my Apo(b) being slightly elevated, I was recommended 500mg twice a day. Anthony and I both have experience using Niacin after exercising to really get our blood circulating.

Lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)) - Lp(a) is a variant of low-density lipoprotein and shown to be an independent risk factor for heart disease*. he high end of the optimal range is 75nmol/L. My results came in at 107nmol/L, quite high as per Dr. Pelton. The Niacin mentioned regarding Apo B is expected to work well with the Linus Pauline protocol with Lysine and Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C) to bring my levels back to optimal range. Dr. Pelton recommended the Vitamin C from Life Extension due to its added ingredient (dihydroquercitin) which helps maintain higher plasma levels for a longer amount of time.  

Vitamin D - My levels were dangerously low (26 ng/mL)! They list 30 ng/mL and above as being "optimal", but as Dr. Pelton mentioned, the top Vitamin D research experts in the world state that optimal levels should be between 60 ng/mL and 100 ng/mL. I had some work to do. Dr. Pelton put me on 10,000 IUs a day, to start, for a month because of how dangerously low my levels are. I've had a history of low Vitamin D levels, dropping down to as low as 19 mg/dL. What can come of a Vitamin D deficiency? The most interesting claims I've read were related to how Vitamin D may be responsible for the activation of a multitude of genes.

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) -  SHBG is a protein that binds to sex hormones such as testosterone (T) and estrogen, inactivating them while they are bound. Only unbound sex hormones are biologically active and exert their effects*. My levels were slightly elevated. The high end of the optimal range is 51 nmol/L. I was at 56 nmol/L. Dr. Pelton explained that since my free testosterone levels are fine, SHBG is a non-issue*. If my testosterone was low, high SHBG would be something to tackle more seriously since it could directly affect testosterone levels as a whole. Although my SHBG levels were deemed a non-issue, Dr. Pelton offered some advice in case it does become an issue. Taking Stinging Nettle Root and Chrysin could prove to be beneficial and naturally increase libido as well as testosterone. 

Overall: As per Dr. Pelton, my numbers for my age and level of physical activity looked great. As wonderful as that was to hear, I immediately started focusing my attention on the challenges that would lie ahead, bringing my out-of-range biomarkers back to normal.

Further recommendations:

Multi-Vitamin -- Life Extension 2 a day 

Omega-3 supplementation - I went with EXOS Performance

Probiotics - I went with EXOS Performance 

On a future post, I plan to get more specific as to why I chose to go with EXOS performance and which other supplements I incorporated into my health reboot.


*definition based off WellnessFX

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