Health Reboot - Skinny Guy Exercise Routine

As I've mentioned in a previous post, gym days for me used to be all about tagging along with Anthony and trying to lift at least 60% of what he was lifting. Clearly there is so much wrong with this. He has a totally different body composition, his goals are completely different and I wasn't seeing results. 

As I furthered my reading on strenth and conditioning for triathletes, I learned about circuit training, high intensity-low volume workouts and I learned several full-body workouts that truly made me work. As I dug deeper into matching a workout with my body composition, I stumbled upon three guys who were, at one point in their lives, hard-gainers. They struggled a great deal gaining mass due to their ectomorphic bodies. As they dug deeper to learn how to manipulate their nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, and with the help of their friend who is a strength and conditioning coach, they created Bony to Beastly (B2B). At first the name made my face contort as it gave off a questionable vibe, but I decided to join.

What attracted me most to B2B was that they had a forum for all of us ectomorphs to talk about our hard gaining struggles. Talking about the inability to gain a few pounds in the office place may prove to be an absolute recipe for social disaster and snarky stares, as many people seek support in each other for their difficulties to shed weight.

B2B introduced me to circuit training and making absolute sure that I do not even consider lifting heavy until my form for each exercise is on point. B2B provides a video archive of every exercise in their program along with a recipe book for high-calorie meals, and a subtantial amount of articles written by Shane, Jared or Marco (B2B) specifically focused on the ectomorphic lifestyle. Am I hoping to gain 30lbs and get "swole"? No. But I am hoping to increase power, tap into muscles I rarely tap into, and improve my core for more future ironman distance triathlons.

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