Health Reboot - A Year Later

Last month was the anniversary of my Health Reboot by way of blood draw analysis done by WellnessFX and their consultants. 

What did I learn?

I learned that my desire to know where I stand across every biomarker for which I was able to test for stemmed from wanting to logically validate feelings of general well-being. WellnessFX's clearly showed me where my baseline health stood through a range of biomarkers. Through self-reflection though, I've been simultaneously coming to grips as to why I am not very emotionally expressive with others nor to myself. Biomarkers for emotional expression don't necessarily exist yet, for the most part. So this process had two parts to it. It has certainly been a blessing and a curse. In this past year, as I delved into the root causes of why I often tend to mask emotional expression, I managed to learn how to tune into feelings of gratitude for my good health. Recognizing both the data and one's feelings can provide a person with a wealth of knowledge and my experience doing so has been special.

Going into year two of this health reboot involves more than getting extensive blood draws, eating cleaner, exercising smarter, and so on. I'm going in with a new perspective that allows me to separate the desire to confirm that being healthy on paper confirms that I feel healthy. When data meets emotion, it can often be a wildly confusing space to think clearly. Yet, I believe that data and emotion have quite the synergy when treated delicately and meticulously. My goal for this 2017 is to further connect these two factors and about m experience. 

I am so grateful for the opportunities I've been afforded by the team at WellnessFX and I absolutely believe that they provide an incredible tool for people to take their health to the next level. And now that I can separate this need for a logical confirmation that I am healthy, I can focus more on why changes to biomarkers occur in blood draws, how I can maintain a preventive lifestyle, and just be happy knowing that I am healthy.

Would I do this again?

Absolutely. Keeping up with one's health in a comprehensive manner is vital if a person is interested in living a preventive lifestyle. Taking an interest in learning about your self and your HumanBluPrint allows you to answer many questions you may have, or at least safely experiment for yourself, based on how you feel instead of taking a more traditional route that often leads to unnecessary treatment. Clearly, this is something I continue to work on. Plus, I'm going to stabilize my Vitamin D if it's the last thing I do!

What could improve user experience?

If these preventive health exams were covered by insurance companies, we'd have one healthy country. As I've been transparent about in the Health Reboot blog, these exams are not covered by insurance and can be quite expensive depending on your financial situation. Would a person with an average salary justify purchasing the most basic exam offered, it's hard to say, but my guess would be no. I raise this question during our podcast episode with WellnessFX and the general consensus is that we we're both in agreement that we have to move away from the disease care system we have and move towards a preventive health care system. While I am excited to see what that will look like in the future, at the moment I want to see more publicized efforts made by startups like WellnessFX to get insurance companies to sign on to the health benefits of people practicing preventive health care methods. So start a movement, film a documentary, get crazy. Call me up, I'll join. It'll all be worth it. 

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