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“How would you view this from a systemic point of view, Marc?” If there was one question I was asked over and over by my clinical supervisor during my graduate studies and clinical training as a therapist, this was it. As I dove deeper into this systemic world view and other aspects of my life tried to catch up, testing the hyper gravity+ suit made sense on a whole new level. 

The gravity+ suit incorporates a systemic approach to fitness. This team wants to put an end to the idea that isolating muscles is the best way to increase fitness and improve at your favorite sport or physical activity. What the suit does is apply muscle resistance to all parts of your body below the neck by way of weights within the suit up to 70 extra pounds. If you’re a tennis player, for example, instead of focusing your days on solely arms, core, legs, etc. when you go to the gym, this suit provides resistance in a functional manner specific to your sport or activity.  Therefore, you’re spending more time practicing your backhand or shifting body weight as quick as tennis players are expected to with added resistance. 

I related the gravity+ suit’s philosophy to my graduate studies; how systems therapy differs from individual therapy. Individual therapy focuses on the perspective that the individual has of the presenting concern. Any mention of a family member is coming from the individual’s bias of that person. Family therapy treats the whole system. In individual therapy, only that one person will experience the soreness of breakdown and repair just like someone would experience breakdown and repair when focusing their workout on just legs, or just abs. In family therapy, the whole family experiences the soreness of breakdown and repaid as do your muscles when exercising in a functional manner. Imagine every time you work out, you trigger nearly every muscle in your body, helping your body learn to work on total-body dynamics and functionality as opposed to scheduling each body part to breakdown and repair without the inclusion of the rest of your other muscles.  

My athletic experience and fitness style is rooted in running medium to long distance races so when I first had the opportunity to test out the gravity suit+ with one of their friendly reps, I took it to a track. One hard 400m and a 100m sprint later (after a stretch and warm up of course) and I was winded! The gravity suit plus rep asked me to quit resting, take the suit off and go run again, so I bit the bullet and went for it did. Since there were 25 extra pounds on me, losing the suit made me feel like I could tiptoe past Usain Bolt in a 100m sprint. I was tired from the run with the suit on but I was mentally excited with this new experience of feeling lighter. 


Jim Foster, CEO of Hyper Gravity Suit Plus, spoke with Anthony, explaining this feeling that I experienced:

“After being in a state of hyper-gravity for just a few minutes the human body experiences a sensation called “the superman effect”. While the effect is not permanent and depends on a few variable factors, such as the amount of hyper-gravity, the length of time in hyper-gravity, and the amount and intensity of the movements performed, everyone experiences a light, strong and open feeling. Every movement we make uses a muscle fiber recruitment pattern called the Henneman size principle. Simply put, this means that we initially recruit the smallest muscle fibers first and progress to the largest muscle fibers as the demand increases. As a result of our muscles working againstthe resistance of hyper-gravity, the body recruits large muscle fibers that cannot and would not be recruited; the biggest guns. The “firing” of these motoneurons continues after the removal of hyper-gravity and thusly produces the ” superman effect”.

Yes, I felt like superman. This wouldn’t be the last time I’d decide to play around with this suit…

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article when Anthony and I took the suit to a NYC rooftop for some marital arts and yoga…

For more on the Hyper Gravity Suit Plus, check out our podcast with the founder of Hyper Gravity Plus Suits, Jim Foster.

Hyper Gravity Plus Suit

blog post by Marc Fernandez

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