Health Reboot - Self Experiment

9.15.15 - The Digital Health Reboot

In this blog series I plan to share my experience tracking key biomarkers through the digital health company WellnessFX

This is not a review of different digital health companies. TheHumanBluPrint is affiliated with WellnessFX and we're extremely proud of the relationship we've created with them. While it is no secret that there are other digital health companies popping up all over the world, WellnessFX worked for me due to their fantastic user experience and wide array of consultants that seem to have the potential to meet my needs.

It is also important to note that these panels can certainly be expensive and out of reach for many. In an economic sense, I hope this blog's exposure can influence health-conscious people to, at the very least, gain perspective on what it means to tune into their health with a deeper knowledge and understanding of themselves. My career is that of a marriage and family therapist. I'm not a physician, personal trainer, nutritionist nor do I claim to be an expert in these fields. I am solely a health and wellness enthusiast who finds satisfaction in sharing many of the connections and experiences I've had and hope to have to learn about my health in a totally new and more profound way.

Why am I doing this?

As mentioned in the podcast with we had with WellnessFX (listen here), I was getting tired of my 15 minute doctor's office visits and the lack of information I would get from my annual "check ups". I always had questions, that went unanswered at times, about the blood tests I was getting and health insurance limitations made it difficult to receive and learn about advanced panels. Overall, I wanted a more accessible approach to monitor my health on a more consistent basis.

While I was technically in range with most of my biomarkers and I am not coming at this reboot with a serious illness, many ask "why even do it?". I seem to represent a growing group of people out there who just want to learn as much as possible about themselves through as many ways as possible. In the past year and half, I've entered the world of amateur triathlon training/racing and I hope to gear my health on a path that will allow my performance to improve significantly. 

The first time I asked for a copy of my blood test from my primary care physician, I brought the results home and spent a good amount of time learning what each of them meant, how they relate to one another, etc. I went on to explore how to optimize these biomarkers based on the personal goals I identified above. While I understand the phrase "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" quite well, I tend to stick with that phrase with anything but my body. There is always room for growth. I also began to learn more about the extensive panels WellnessFX offers to its consumers.


I started setting my goals and scheduling new or altered practices which I planned to incorporate into this health reboot; exercise, mindfulness, cold thermogenesis, gratitude journaling, diet, etc:

Short Term Goals:

  • Identify and replace negative lifestyle choices that may be keeping certain biomarkers our of optimal range.
  • Delve into the biomarkers that are out of range to be well versed in what lifestyle choices tend to fluctuate them the most.

Long Term Goals:

  • Adopt new healthy habits that maintain my biomarkers at an optimal range so I could compete in triathlons, handle the most stressful situations life has coming for me, and extend the longevity of my life. 
  • Consult with a variety of health professionals in the WellnessFX network to expand my knowledge from several different professional perspectives.
  • Prevent illnesses I may be more prone to based off of family history and genetic testing (genetic testing has not occurred yet).

Next up is my actual blood test scheduled for 10/2/15.

WellnessFX_Get a Blood Test