Nootropic Review: Brain Forza

What follows is an anecdotal account (just like all opinions on this site are) of Brain Forza's Study Juice by Anthony. Study Juice is a supplement that claims to improve focus and energy. We are not affiliated with Brain Forza as we write this. If that's to change in the future, we'll edit this post.

Growth of Nootropics

With the world of nootropics growing faster than science can follow, by far. Being extremely cautious about what companies you experiment is imperative when dealing with nootropics. Many companies are looking t make a quick buck and sifting through the nonsensical companies can become daunting and frankly off putting. Even though many people today still don't know what nootropics are, the nootropics market is rapidly over-saturating, especially to students looking to find an academic edge under tight deadlines. You can now buy coffee, gum and energy bars with nootropics in the ingredients list. Thankfully, one company has a track record of doing their home work. They're called Brain Forza.

Brain Forza

I first began delving into Brain Forza several months ago after realizing the owner was someone who frequented nootropic forums. We are more readers than posters on the forums providing us with a wonderful perspective of communities problem solving issues that are incredibly understudied and are able to learn from people's stories as much as we learn from our own personal experiments.

Study Juice

For this review, I went with Brain Forza's Study Juice that they so kindly sent to me to try. The ingredient list would make a nootropic-buff smile and a normal person runaway. I can tell a good amount of time and energy went into this product due to the nuances that make this nootropic blend stand out from many others. A full list of ingredients/dosage can be seen on their website, I’ll just mention a few that really jumped out at me. For example, KSM-66 is the highest spectrum full root extract of Ashwagahnda. I’ve been taking KSM-66 for several years now and can tell you it’s not cheap. A fair amount of research has gone into this supplement from anxiety (1) to muscle strength/recovery (2). Many companies decide to take the cheaper route and add straight Ashwagahnda which is why you barely get an effect. Another added ingredient I enjoy is Vinpocetine. Used by many as an anti-aging supplement/neural protective, some believe can assist in amnesia (3), essentially works to increase blood flow to the brain. Vinpocetine has been gaining a lot of popularity as the FDA is trying to get it banned from being sold as a “dietary ingredient” (4), although NO SAFETY CONCERNS were noted (5). One of the last ingredients I’ll mention here that caught my eye, was the caffeine and theanine blend. I’ve practiced this in the past and can tell you now, even if you don’t plan on purchasing Study Juice, anyone breaking into the “nootropic world” should try this. Essentially they have a synergistic effect on one another by counteracting the side effects each one has. Caffeine is great for keeping you alert, staying focused, and concentration but has the side effect sometimes over stimulating making you anxious, jittery, and unfortunately can ruin a good study session. Theanine works as an anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) to reduce stress and promote relaxation while inducing alertness (6). The combination of these supplements has a profound effect on one another.

The Advanced Concoction

I went ahead and made the advanced Study Juice concoction as per Brain Forza's instructions. This was done by squeezing lemons into a glass with water, opening the capsules, mixing it all together. The ingredients didn’t mix well in the lemon/water and I noticed a few clumps while I tried to blend it with a fork in the glass, but I carried on.  First off, the taste is pretty rough. I mean, I’ve used ginseng powder extract in the past and it was bad but the addition of teacrine definitely makes the taste quite horrendous. With that said though, I’m not drinking it for the taste. The effect is way more important for me, and it does hit you, hard. 

After the first 10-15 mins, you definitely notice a headiness, that I would describe as a boost in the ability to focus on any one thing at a time. Placebo effect? Always a possibility. But I kept sipping on it, as per instructions, and I certainly felt more positive and a slight increase in confidence, whatever that meant at the time. About an hour into my first study session I felt a nice head buzz. Not like a headache or pressure but a definite blood flow increase to my brain. I wasn’t jittery or anxious either thanks to the teacrine. I was fixated on my studying. The effects of Study Juice were strong for the first 2-3 hours then slightly decreased. I continued to sip the “juice”, whenever I felt a slight decline in motivation or energy. This would cause a quick boost, bringing me back into my studying more focused than usual. The effects completely wound down after about 8 hours which was certainly impressive. I was especially content with the amount of retention I had the next day while I was not on the “Juice”.

Future Self Experiments

Grapefruit Juice: I would like to experiment with is using grapefruit juice instead of lemons or orange juice. By using grapefruit, I should be able to prolong Study Juice's effects by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks it down in my body. Grapefruit seed extract can also be used to not interrupt ketosis.

Exogenous Ketones: Mixing the 6 capsules with my KetCaNa might make for a nice experiment. As I’ve noticed slight mental performance benefits from mild state ketosis.

Fats: Mixing the capsules into a fat source might take the ayuverdic supplements to a new level. Some of the listed ingredients are fat soluble and using a fat source should allow for the greatest bio-availability.

Extreme Self Experiment in addition to Advanced concoction... (NOT RECOMMENDED):

  • French pressed coffee -- shown to cause a mild state ketosis (7)
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (inhibit cyp-450) to not interrupt ketosis
  • KetoCana
  • C-8 MCT oil.

Added to the 6 caps, I can only imagine what would happen. Even without the added Study Juice, an effect will definitely be noticed by this blend (be it explosive diarrhea or an effect only seen in the movie limitless). Stay tuned.










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