Explore your Human BluPrint


Explore your Human BluPrint

Unlock your Potential


Human BluPrint provides health and wellness information meant to help health-conscious people maximize their potential. Continuous exploration of how the human body functions and responds on a biological, psychological, social, and spiritual level allows for  more effective implementation of the practices being explored and researched  in the world of health and wellness.



Human BluPrint is a non-run-of-the-mill health and wellness resource that teaches you about yourself in a most profound and rewarding way.
— Ben Greenfield, Human Performance Consultant, BenGreenfieldFitness.com
Human BluPrint is insightful in their work of how overall wellness connects to various aspects of physical, psychological and spiritual health.
— Courtney Pong, WellnessFX
Life is about learning and that’s why I tune in to Human BluPrint and turn my friends on to their site.
— Jeff Chilton, President, North American Medicinal Mushroom Extracts